Own damage and costs: cover high repair costs due to cyber incident

coverages 04 Risk: Notification to those involved


Your clients, suppliers and all parties involved whose data has been stolen, copied, altered or viewed are entitled to know what has happened to their data. You are liable for this if the data was on your server.


Ensured guarantees :

Our cyber-risk insurance intervenes for:

  • costs for data investigation and gathering
  • costs for notifying those involved



coverages 05 Risk: Image repair


It takes years to build up an impeccable reputation in the market. However, one well-aimed malicious report or one strategically leaked piece of information is enough to irrevocably tarnish that strong image.


Ensured guarantees :

Thanks to our cyber-risk insurance, you enjoy intervention for, among other things:

  • costs and fees of independent advisors, who can prevent or mitigate the potentially adverse effects of a newsworthy cyber event. (e.g. legal advice, public relations services and crisis consultancy)
  • costs and fees for services to mitigate potential damage to any individual ‘s reputation at the company (e.g. CIO)
  • costs for a social media plan for elevating your reputation
  • costs for buying back goodwill



coverages 06 Risk: Data restoration


A cyber attack or an unintended error by your supplier often leave a trial of destruction in your data. A lot of data has been damaged or deleted. And if it is all to be recuperated through a back-up (which often proves more difficult than thought), you lose a lot off time and money on reconstitution.


Ensured guarantees :

  • repairing, locating and again creating data
  • reproducing information via a back-up



coverages 07 Risk: Administrative investigation and fines


It isn't just your damage and that of your clients that can increase considerably following a cyber attack. There is also the threat of hefty fines, and large invoices from your lawyers guiding you in the legal investigation.


Ensured guarantees :

  • costs for legal advice and representation (what you should and shouldn't say to the supervisory bodies, etc.)
  • Insurable fines and penalties levied by a data protection regulatory authority after the completion of the legal investigation



coverages 08 Risk: Forensic investigation


Proving a cyber attack isn't straightforward, since traces of break-in are much less visible than with a physical theft. It nevertheless rests on your shoulders. Specialists are expensive, yet essential.


Ensured guarantees :

  • Our cyber-risks insurance covers the costs for hiring forensic specialists for proving a cyber-infringement, establishing the cause and formulating recommendations.



coverages 09 Risk: Credit management and ID monitoring


Your clients, suppliers and all parties involved whose data has been stolen, copied, altered or viewed might become a victim of credit or identity theft..... Monitoring services cost considerable sums of money.


Ensured guarantees :

  • Costs and fees for credit monitoring services
  • Costs and fees for consultants specialised in identity theft
  • monitoring to identify possible misuse.
  • Costs (including premium) for any ID theft insurance


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