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coverages 01 Risk: Data liability and network security


As a company you run the risk of your ICT infrastructure being affected and data ending up in the wrong hands. A hacked information system can also be seriously damaged by criminals. Those criminals are moreover often aided by an insider: an employee – former or otherwise – acting out of desire for profit, dissatisfaction, external pressure or ignorance.


Ensured guarantees :

Our cyber-risk insurance covers defence costs and compensation to third parties resulting from:

  • infringements on protecting personal and corporate data
  • infringements by an outsourcer when processing data on behalf of your company
  • a failing IT system or a security error
  • a virus, malware received, etc.
  • theft of data (copying), loss of data (deletion), change or damage and disclosure of data
  • blocking access to your own information


coverages 02 Multimedia liability


In this digitalised world, information be spread more rapidly than ever.


Ensured guarantees :

Our cyber-risks insurance also provides extremely complete cover for compensation to third parties such as:

  • compensation due to libel, slander, contempt
  • compensation due to an unintentional infringement on intellectual property rights (copyright, title, trade name, brand, domain name, etc.)
  • damage due to plagiarism, embezzlement of ideas and data
  • damage due to violation of privacy and public disclosure of private matters
  • damage due to unfair competition in combination with slander and libel
  • negligence concerning electronic content


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