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To improve the cyber security in/of your company you can implement today 10 ready-to-use actions.

These checklist is based upon the Belgian Cyber Security Guide by the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB)


actions 01 Implement user education & awareness

Provided they receive the appropriate and repeated training, people can develop from the "weakest link" to the "greatest asset" in information security.


actions 02 Keep systems up to date

Research shows that 99% of all system vulnerabilities are more than one year old, and so perfectly solvable with the installation of a correct update!


actions 03 Protect information

Without additional measures such as encryption, an email is the digital equivalent of a post card and not a letter.


actions 04 Apply mobile device security

The rise of mobile devices took place at breakneck speed, and the multitude and diversity actually only reached cruising speed now. And keep one thing in mind: each smart
device is also an exploitable device.


actions 05 Only give access to information on a "need to know" basis

Access to information should be separate from your hierarchical position.


actions 06 Enforce safe surfing rules

A Berlin wall between private life and work is wishful thinking. This is just not possible, neither technically nor practically. In addition, workers have stated emphatically to change jobs if such policies were to be introduced.


actions 07 Use strong passwords and keep them safe

Cracking a password of 10 lower case letters only requires 2 days. If it consists of both upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation, then it takes some 3000 years!


actions 08 Make and check backup copies of business data and information

Testing a backup regularly is as important as making it.


actions 09 Apply a layered approach against viruses and other malware

70% to 90% of all viruses are unique, and are therefore not stopped by antivirus software! So you should best deploy various defensive mechanisms against rogue software.


actions 10 Prevent, detect and act

Prepare a list of contacts that you must be able to deploy in case of a cyber incident!



Our unique and free online CyberTest delivers a clear insight in your current corporate position with respect to cyber security. The test has been developed by CyberContract for decision-makers with non-IT profiles.

The CyberTest scores your company on 10 key security principles. The test provides a cristal clear image of your score and immediately points out the 3 cyber security principals that require your urgent attention. The test results invite you to take immediate action since it also offers the 3 most relevant ready to use changes you can implement to improve your cyber security. The 3 covers that carry the highest added value for your companies specific cyber security risk profile are also highlighted in the test results. 

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