Cyber war in Europe: get your emergency plan ready!

With the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, many companies and organisations are also growing concerned about cyber attacks. 

After all, modern wars have a digital frontline as well...

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More C-Suite involvement needed to mitigate cyber risks by 2022

 Trend Micro, the global leader in cloud security, presents a new survey showing that low engagement of the "C-Suite" can impact security investments and expose organisations to increased cyber risks.

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Cyber risks are also peaking in 2022. As a business leader, you'd better stay alert. In this blog, we take a brief look at new trends.

And we help you make the necessary investment choices in prevention. Tools are good, but also invest in your strongest link: people. If you don't, your employees will become or remain your company's weakest link.

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More than €1 billion in GDPR fines by 2021 !

European privacy regulators have issued just under €1.1 billion in fines over the past year for companies that did not comply with GDPR privacy guidelines.

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