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Solar panels


In Belgium we used to do it for financial reasons, but let’s assume today the average person puts solar panels on their roof for the sake of a better climate.

Did you ever think that this kind of good-intended climate effort would jeopardize our security? Of course not, but today it's reality.


I'm secure.

SolarView, a software used to monitor your solar panels, has critical errors which are easily exploited by hackers. Not only can they easily take total control over your solar panels, but they can also organize DoS (denial of service) attacks (attacks with the intent to bring IT infrastructure down) by creating a solar panel army. Crazy stuff I hear you think? Unfortunately...

Knowing this is possible, would you still need a lot of imagination to realize your mobile device can get infected with malware through your solar panels? 

I don't have solar panels, so I'm secure you could think. But imagine one of your employees connecting to the corporate network with such an infected device. We can assure you that your next days or weeks will be filled with panic attacks on how you will pay those 7 million euros on average ransom…


Disaster to the 3rd power.

Don't think it won't happen to you, we're all on the lists of hackers, secure or insecure. It's not a matter of will you ever be hacked, it's just a matter of when. And when it happens, disaster strikes hard, in more than 70% of the cases companies head straight to be out of business. 

Think of it, ask yourself, your management team the question: What will we do in case of a ransomware attack? How will we deal with it, are we simply going to pay, how will we discover the root cause, who will we call for help, how are we going to find a solution… If you still need answers on those questions on the moment of an attack, you will have yet another disaster on top of the first disaster.

Let's say you do manage to find those rare very expensive technical experts who are willing to help you. You pay them a lot of money, because in the end you need to get back to work asap, right? Oh, and what about the lawyer you found after 4 days to help you with the legal advice, comply to the obligation to report these kinds of incidents to the government, communicate with your upset suppliers who can charge you for all the outstanding payments? Right, especially all way too late...

Disaster on top of a disaster, which was already on top of another disaster.


Secure your future by insuring your Business Continuity.

You can insure your business continuity, and with CyberContract we do so in the most transparent and full covered way. Our comprehensive insurance package ensures your business continuity by covering profit loss and expert costs. We provide immediate assistance by sending professionals to your location to get the cyber incident under control. Additionally with our legal advisors, we guide you through the process of repairing reputation damage. So, the expensive experts which were hard to find and very expensive for you, are covered in our CyberContract policy.

The wide range of damages, including your own costs, notification to affected parties, credit and identity monitoring, forensic services, reputational damage recovery, administrative investigations and fines, data re-composition, and even optional protection for board members and their families, are all included. 

This is how you can secure your future by insuring your business continuity.


Be paranoid.

Of course, there is much to plan for in terms of cybersecurity and business continuity, but take our following advice to start somewhere: Update your software regularly, be paranoid when clicking on links, and insure yourself to secure your future.




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